Monday, 14 May 2018

Jacob Rees-Mogg. A friend of Ulster!

If the Irish Government obliges us to choose between the Republic and the Union, then we will choose the Union        Jacob Rees-mogg

Daily Telegraph 14 May 2019

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Is Mrs May`s time up?

           Ignoring the wishes of over 17 million British citizens who voted leave  Mrs May is more inclined to support the Irish Republic.   Her customs partnership idea with the EU will be just what the Irish republicans want, just what the Irish Republic wants.    the cunning and devious Mrs May is prepared to override her cabinet colleagues  Gove, Johnson, David Davis,  Fox all prominent leavers who were at the front of the referendum battle.    For the DUP it is decision time!    Is the DUP going to continue to keep her in power and side with the Irish Republic?   The present GFA is unacceptable to unionists.   There must be changes.   Owen Paterson MP is right when he says there needs to be changes.   Voluntary power sharing is the only option that might work.   Mandatory power sharing will no longer be supported by unionists.    D`Honnt is not acceptable in a democracy.
The question for the DUP is to either strike a blow for the whole of the UK and bring May down or go along with her treachery and sell out over 17 million British citizens across the UK?  Which is it to be DUP?  Party first or country first?  Take a lesson from former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron ,  a man of honour!

Friday, 4 May 2018

West Tyrone. A case for voluntary power sharing!

                The election result in West Tyrone illustrates how it is possible to have voluntary power sharing.   the combined votes of the DUP, SDLP and UUP candidates are over 1000 votes greater than the Sinn Fein vote.   If voluntary power sharing was in place the Sinn Fein candidate would have been defeated.  The GFA is indeed dead.    The only alternative that might have a chance of succeeding is voluntary power sharing.   Those who cannot establish a voluntary cross community coalition go into an official opposition.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Ireland fined for missing EU Renewables target 30 april
reland faces fines of €600m a year from the EU for failing to meet renewable energy targets and cutting carbon emissions by 2020.
New, more ambitious targets for 2030 do not let Ireland off the hook for the 2020 measures, it has emerged.
A report for the Dáil Public Accounts Committee, which calculated the potential fines within two years, said they will be a matter for the European Court of Justice to impose.
Irish EU Commissioner Phil Hogan said there was confusion in some quarters that the 2020 targets under the EU Renewable Energy Directive would be merged into the more ambitious targets for 2030. This would give the Government some breathing space and lessen the risk of punitive fines.
"But that is not the case. The 2020 target must be adhered to," Mr Hogan said.
The commissioner urged the Government to be more proactive in developing wind and wave energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in line with EU agreed targets.
Mr Hogan said he had relayed this message to Climate Action Minister Denis Naughten.
"We all know exactly that there is no free pass post-2020 in relation to the Renewable Energy Directive and we will be running into trouble with infringement proceedings if this does not happen," Mr Hogan said.
Fine Gael Senator Michelle Mulherin, who raised the issue in Seanad Éireann last week in discussions with Mr Hogan, said the Government must step up investment in renewable energy projects.
She said that a test station for wind and wave power off Belmullet, in Co Mayo, should be developed.
"Off-shore wind power has up to now often been deemed unduly expensive.
"But given the controversy and frequent objections to wind turbines on land, this issue should be re-thought," she said.
Ms Mulherin was critical of what she said was a lack of commitment to developing alternative energy in a timely fashion.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Brussels rejects "back stop" for the border!

                              In a diplomatic note from the EU reported in todays Times the EU commission say that the "backstop" option for the border will not work and could undermine the Single Market.(Report by Bruno Waterfield in Brussels and Oliver Wright Times policy editor). They(the EU) fear that because the plan covers only customs checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from Britain the province could become a lucrative loophole in the single market as key elements of single market trade involve goods that are bound up with service contracts.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Hard border acceptable to most Leave voters! New Report

                               In a report in the I Newspaper   The opinion  survey of 8200 people who answered the on-line survey in Northern Ireland it was found that among Leave voters 53 percent said they could accept customs controls.   This is in complete contradiction to what the public are being told by lying politicians and media outlets.   Clearly a majority of Brexit supporters in Northern Ireland are prepared to accept border controls.  (Report by Rob Hastings  I Newspaper 23 April 2018).

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Trump polling. Salisbury poison

Rasmussen polling organisation reports that President Trump stands at a credible 50% in opinion polls ,higher than President Obama at the same time in his Presidency.  The biased media keep it quiet.

Scientists at Porton Down having examined the poison given to Russians Sergie and Julia say they cannot confirm that the poison came from Russia.(press reports)