Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Northern Ireland government collapses.

                           Northern Ireland is now without a government.   No ministers from northern Ireland.   No direct rule ministers as yet.  clearly mandatory power sharing is not working.  It must be either full direct rule or voluntary coalition power sharing.   the problem with Sinn Fein is they are not democrats.  they are marxists. Sinn Fein mention the Irish language.  the Irish language already gets at least £20 million.   It is unacceptable for them to get anymore recognition.   there are more Polish speakers in Northern Ireland than Irish speakers.   Northern Ireland needs a English language policy as there are many immigrants in Northern Ireland who cannot speak English.  Northern Ireland is British and the language of Northern Ireland is English.   Immigrants have a right to be able to learn English.
                            On the question of marriage Sin  Fein are quick to mention equality.   The European Court of Human Rights in its judgement in a case in France in June 2016 said that same sex marriage is NOT a right.  Only 10 percent of the 190 nations in  the UN have same sex marriage.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Good News for climate truth from Australia and America.

Australia set to dump clean energy targets.   This good news was revealed by Tony Abbott the former Prime Minister of Australia at the annual GWPF (www.the GWPF.com) meeting in London on 13 October.

This adds to the other good news from America that Scott Pruit the head of the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) is rescinding the EPA carbon dioxide endangerment  finding established by the Obama administration. (As all physicists know carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.)

Friday, 29 September 2017

The German election: Mrs Merkel: Are her days numbered?And Mrs May?

                    The electoral earthquake in Germany where Mrs Merkel suffered the biggest setback  when the CDU got its lowest ever vote.  the AFD swept into the Bundestag with over 90 MPs, a devastating blow against Mrs Merkel.  Many commentators are saying it is only a matter of time before she goes.   Will her green policies deliver the final blow with over 330 000 electricity consumers disconnected from the German grid last year (covered up by the globalist media!)due to their inability to pay the high prices as a result of subsidies to the green renewables.  Will this populism be the downfall of Mrs May in the UK?  A leader with the same policies of green subsidies which the OBR in its last report estimates that in the UK by 2022 every household will be paying over £700 as a result of green subsidies.  Will it be the green plague that finishes both Mrs Merkel and Mrs May?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Clintons not welcome in Northern Ireland

Mrs Clinton says she is concerned about the stalemate at Stormont.  Your interference Mrs Clinton is not appreciated.   Your time would be better spent in chiding your company Boeing for putting import charges on bombardier planes which could put thousands of jobs in jeopardy in Northern Ireland.  You are a typical interfering American politician.   You are not welcome.   Neither is your husband!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

New destroyer for Belfast

                 HMS Belfast will take to the seas in 2020.     News given in Belfast by Michael Fallon UK Defence Secretary 27 September 2017.Harland and wolff can be involved in building. (ACK: Artists impression.  Belfast Telegraph)

Monday, 25 September 2017

Is it Blackmail? Also the Poppy.

                 IS IT BLACKMAIL?   

                                                          Not a penny has been spent in Northern Ireland as a result of the Conservative/DUP deal.   where is the £1 billion?  nowhere to be seen! what is the policy of the Conservative(so called)government?    For unionists surrender to the demands of Sinn Fein!    One is tempted to believe that indeed is the conservative government policy. Blackmail?  If I was in charge of the DUP I would vote them out of power at the first available vote.   I could not see Dr Paisley putting up with this charade.  But it seems Mrs Foster will put up with anything!    While nearly all conservative minded commentators saw May`s Florence speech as a total surrender to the EU  Mrs Foster(would`nt you believe it!) welcomes it. Mrs Foster a minority of one? 

          THE POPPY.
                                                   I see the FIFA  football authorities have lifted their ban on the wearing of the poppy at matches.   No sooner than the news was out than the biased BBC in Northern Ireland could`nt wait to comment.   " It`s a political symbol" according to BBC evening extra bias on Monday.    It is not a political symbol BBC and any fair minded unbiased commentator realises that it is a remembrance symbol not a political symbol.  
                   The IFA stopped the playing of the Queen at Windsor park for the first time ever.   Will they stop the wearing of the poppy next?   We shall wait and see just how loyal the IFA really are.  Are they anti poppy as well as anti anthem playing?

Friday, 22 September 2017

May says no border posts after Brexit. The DUP Irish position.

              In her Florence speech today Mrs May said there would be no border posts after Brexit.   So just how will the border be policed?   The so called Good Friday Agreement will be protected.   The GFA encapsulates mandatory power sharing.  I have yet to speak to one unionist who supports mandatory power sharing to continue. But clearly Mrs Foster supports it!    Two more years(at least!) in the single market after we are supposed to leave in 2019.  Is this what the British people voted for in the referendum?  Clearly not!   Northern Ireland unionists no longer support mandatory power sharing with Sinn Fein.  Does the DUP?
        The DUP and Irish
                        Then there is the question of the Irish language a key demand of the IRA.The Grand Master of the Orange Order reflects the opinion of most unionists in rejecting a Irish Language Act.  The DUP tell us if Sinn Fein will come into the government at Stormont the DUP will legislate for Irish. Why would a British unionist like Mrs Foster want to legislate for Irish? .   A peculiar policy for a unionist!   I say to Mrs Foster:  the best action you  Mrs Foster can do is either forget about Irish now or resign before you are forced out as without a change of policy you most certainly will be.

                                         Terri Jackson Msc MPhil CSc
                                       DUP delegate to Atkins Stormont Convention.