Monday, 25 September 2017

Is it Blackmail? Also the Poppy.

                 IS IT BLACKMAIL?   

                                                          Not a penny has been spent in Northern Ireland as a result of the Conservative/DUP deal.   where is the £1 billion?  nowhere to be seen! what is the policy of the Conservative(so called)government?    For unionists surrender to the demands of Sinn Fein!    One is tempted to believe that indeed is the conservative government policy. Blackmail?  If I was in charge of the DUP I would vote them out of power at the first available vote.   I could not see Dr Paisley putting up with this charade.  But it seems Mrs Foster will put up with anything!    While nearly all conservative minded commentators saw May`s Florence speech as a total surrender to the EU  Mrs Foster(would`nt you believe it!) welcomes it. Mrs Foster a minority of one? 

          THE POPPY.
                                                   I see the FIFA  football authorities have lifted their ban on the wearing of the poppy at matches.   No sooner than the news was out than the biased BBC in Northern Ireland could`nt wait to comment.   " It`s a political symbol" according to BBC evening extra bias on Monday.    It is not a political symbol BBC and any fair minded unbiased commentator realises that it is a remembrance symbol not a political symbol.  
                   The IFA stopped the playing of the Queen at Windsor park for the first time ever.   Will they stop the wearing of the poppy next?   We shall wait and see just how loyal the IFA really are.  Are they anti poppy as well as anti anthem playing?

Friday, 22 September 2017

May says no border posts after Brexit. The DUP Irish position.

              In her Florence speech today Mrs May said there would be no border posts after Brexit.   So just how will the border be policed?   The so called Good Friday Agreement will be protected.   The GFA encapsulates mandatory power sharing.  I have yet to speak to one unionist who supports mandatory power sharing to continue. But clearly Mrs Foster supports it!    Two more years(at least!) in the single market after we are supposed to leave in 2019.  Is this what the British people voted for in the referendum?  Clearly not!   Northern Ireland unionists no longer support mandatory power sharing with Sinn Fein.  Does the DUP?
        The DUP and Irish
                        Then there is the question of the Irish language a key demand of the IRA.The Grand Master of the Orange Order reflects the opinion of most unionists in rejecting a Irish Language Act.  The DUP tell us if Sinn Fein will come into the government at Stormont the DUP will legislate for Irish. Why would a British unionist like Mrs Foster want to legislate for Irish? .   A peculiar policy for a unionist!   I say to Mrs Foster:  the best action you  Mrs Foster can do is either forget about Irish now or resign before you are forced out as without a change of policy you most certainly will be.

                                         Terri Jackson Msc MPhil CSc
                                       DUP delegate to Atkins Stormont Convention.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Has the DUP been sold a pup?

                 We hear that the government say that there is no time limit on releasing the £1.5 billion.   Government lawyers have to okay the deal they say.   Is this a form of government blackmail?   get Stormont back first.    Is the real deal between the government and Sinn Fein. Has Sinn Fein a veto? Has the DUP been  sold a pup?  Should the DUP have asked for the money first before agreeing a deal with the government?

Terri Jackson
former DUP Stormont delegate

Monday, 4 September 2017

DUP supports the Irish Language. Capitulation to the IRA demand!

                       In a major U-turn Mrs Foster the DUP leader has indicated that the DUP will legislate for Irish Language rights if only Sinn Fein will come into government.  Unionist and DUP voters please think of the implications of this latest move, this latest DUP capitulation to Irish nationalism!!  Irish Language rights are the primary aim of the IRA!      Less than three percent of the population speak Irish, even the Bank of Ireland have banished Irish from its ATM machines. But still the DUP want their Sinn Fein pals in government to legislate for Irish!    What a shame!
               What will Mr Shannon MP do about his Ulster Scots constituents?  Clearly as far as the DUP is concerned Irish comes first!    What next DUP? Street names in Irish in Newtownards, Lisburn, Ballymena?   Will Protestants have to learn Irish to get a job in the public sector?   Does power sharing with Sinn Fein mean that much to the DUP!     Yes they won ten seats in the general election, however they can just as quickly lose those seats in a future election.   The people of Northern Ireland are entitled to proper democracy just like any other country.  The form of government at Stormont is not democratic, indeed anything but democratic.
                  Terri Jackson   DUP delegate to Atkins Stormont Constitutional Convention 1982.
(Full support to Lady Hermon MP for refusing to back a Irish Language Act).

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Northern Ireland court rejects same sex marriage!

                      Today a Northern Ireland court has rejected same sex marriage in two different cases, one involving two women and one involving two men.   The European Court of Human Rights in its judgement on 6th June 2016 declared same sex marriage was NO)T a right.   In the Northern Ireland context the so called same sex marriage movement is a political movement the majority of such supporters are Sinn Fein supporters.   Only 20 countries out of 190 in the United Na\tions have same sex marriage.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Will Farage figure in a Conservative-DUP deal?

                                Reports indicate that Nigel Farage may be given a government position in a Conservative--DUP deal.   Karen Gilchrist digital reporter with has reported on this.   Senior DUP figures have asked for this according to reports.  they suggest that Farage be given a role in the Brexit negotiations. @_karengilchrist.   Other reports are that Ruth DavidsonMP is upset at the role of the DUP in negotiations with the Tories.  She has 13 MPs in Scotland and threatens a breakaway Scottish group. Clearly she is at odds with the position of the DUP on same sex marriage.
the DUP is totally opposed to same sex marriage as being contrary to the Bible.
                   Tony  Blair has become involved and reports indicate that he has even suggested that the DUP being involved with the Tories could violate the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.  Blair has even suggested that the terms of the Agreement may have to be altered.  So does Blair not accept the DUP  MPs to be part of the UK  House of Commons?   Are we as unionists not permitted to exercise our rights as UK citizens according to Mr Blair?

Friday, 2 June 2017

Times letter exposing the renewables subsidies scandal

Sir, Mrs Merkel criticises President Trump for failing to endorse the 2015 Paris climate change deal. However, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur, a press agency, reports that more than 330,000 German households have been cut off from the electricity grid because of a failure to pay the massive prices. This is due to increasing climate subsidies for renewables. So is it any wonder Mr Trump has doubts? As a result of Mrs Merkel’s climate policies, energy poverty is engulfing Germany. She may say that Europe can no longer depend on Britain and the US, but in reality it is Britain and the US who can no longer rely on Germany and Europe.
Terri Jackson 

Secretary, Principia Scientific International.    TIMES LETTER  31 MAY